We help farmers transform business through intelligence and insight. Make your plant disease free in a mini New Farm you control.


Mobile Apps for Farmers - Smart Technology for A More Productive Agriculture

Our mobile apps help farmers to work accurately and faster in the field. New Farm helps you to dispense with paperwork and spend more time grooming plants through the series of farming apps for iPhones and Android devices.

We make use of simplified data gathering through smartphone app that records activities thereby ensuring better visibility, lower cost and efficient operations for your field agents. Our real time actionable insights enable farm management companies to take responsive and planned business decision. The predictability of quality and quantity with reduced pricing will results in high productivity for your business.

At New Farm, we have designed specific future ready farming solutions through our dedicated farming experts. Some of these strata include:

  • Increase your financial returns
  • Give you expert tips and tricks
  • Make more use of resources and time
  • Save money on important feed and forage
  • Save time on laborious record keeping

How it Works


Agriculture requires intense development to realize its potential. New Farm helps farmer push up the value...


At New Farm, we have developed an app to help farmers practice precision agriculture...


With us you'll be able to keep track of everything that's happening on your field with info at your finger tips..


Know the problem your crop is suffering from and also know the best solution for it.